OU4 – Roy-Hart School Property

Operable Unit (OU) 4 represents the Royalton-Hartland School District property within OU2 that is designated by the gold-colored area in the middle of the map below:

RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) Report Volume II for OU2 and OU4 was completed and approved by Regulatory Agencies in 2009 pursuant to the 1991 AOC. A Corrective Measures Study (CMS) was completed in 2011.

A Final Statement of Basis, dated May 2013, was issued by NYSDEC pursuant to the 1991 AOC. The NYSDEC has been implementing the remedy since 2015, which is partially completed.

NYSDEC announcements of work in OU4 include:

April 2020 Phase 6 OU4 Remediation Announcement

April 2019 Phase 5 OU4 Remediation Announcement

November 2018 Phase 5 OU4 Remediation Announcement:

May 2018 Phase 4 OU4 Remediation Announcement:

March 2017 Phase 3 OU4 Remediation Announcement:

May 2016 Phase 2 OU4 Remediation Announcement:

May 2015 Phase 1 OU4 Remediation Announcement:

Current Status

  • FMC will take over the remedy implementation beginning in 2021, to the extent not yet complete.
  • NYSDEC announced in April 2020 that the sixth and final phase of soil remediation at the Royalton-Hartland (Roy-Hart) school property is scheduled to begin in May 2020. NYSDEC, working with the Board of Education and school district, will be remediating areas in the right-of-way north of the Middle School, in the parking lot between the High School and Middle School, and south of the former tennis courts. Click here to view the announcement.

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