The FMC Study Areas are identified in the maps below:

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FMC Corp. completed and the Agencies approved the following final Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Facility Investigation (RFI) Reports.

RCRA Facility Investigation Reports

FMC is required to undertake a RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) and to submit RFI reports in accordance with the corrective action process under RCRA and the requirements of a 1991 Administrative Order on Consent entered into by FMC, USEPA and NYSDEC.

The volumes of the RFI Report include:

  • Volume I – Background and Related Information (Final September 2009).
  • Volume II – Suspected Air Deposition Study Area South of the Erie Canal and West of the Niagara/Orleans County Line (Final September 2009).
  • Volume III – Former R&D Property.
  • Volume IV – Culvert 105 and Flood Zone (Final September 2009).
  • Volume V – Tributary One and Floodplain South of Pearson/Stone Roads (Final June 2009).
  • Volume VI – Tributary One and Floodplain North of Pearson/Stone Roads.
  • Volume VII – Jeddo Creek, Johnson Creek, and Floodplains.
  • Volume VIII – Groundwater Investigations and Remediation Results.
  • Volume IX – On-Site Soil, Surface Water, and Sediments.
  • Volume X – Suspected Air Deposition Study Area North of the Erie Canal and East of the Niagara/Orleans County Line.
  • Volume ES – Comprehensive Executive Summary for all Volumes.