Public Participation

For more than 20 years, FMC and the regulatory Agencies have been communicating with and involving the public on each step of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) process.

FMC believes it is important that residents provide input throughout the process and that there be ample public meetings and opportunities to learn about the study activities, to ask questions, and to provide feedback.

In particular, FMC has operated a neighborhood house and now the 8 S. Vernon St. office for residents to visit, have questions answered and obtain information on the environmental remediation program.

In addition to public meetings conducted by itself or the regulatory Agencies, FMC has also communicated to area residents through websites, project updates, neighborhood and coffeehouse meetings, citizen group meetings and door-to-door mail drops and conversations.

Resources for public participation are also available from the Agencies.

For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Guidelines for a Successful Public Participation Program in RCRA, please click on the following document:

For the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Citizen Participation Handbook for Remedial Programs, please click on the following document:

For additional information, please click on the following resources: