OU2 – Air Deposition Area 1

Operable Unit (OU) 2 consists of Air Deposition Area 1, south of the Erie Canal and west of the Niagara/Orleans County Line, as colored in green on the map below:

RFI Report Volume II (OU2 and OU4) was completed and approved by the Regulatory Agencies in 2009. A Corrective Measures Study (CMS) was completed in 2011. The Agencies issued its remedy decision in its Final Statement of Basis (FSOB) for Air Deposition Area#1 (OU2 and OU4) and Culvert 105 (OU5) (dated May 24, 2013) pursuant to the 1991 AOC. NYSDEC has been implementing the remedy since 2015, which is partially completed.

NYSDEC previous announcements of work in OU2 include:

Spring 2019 OU2 Cleanup Announcement:

Spring 2018 OU2 Cleanup Announcement:

Spring 2017 OU2 Cleanup Announcement:

Spring 2016 OU2 Cleanup Announcement:

January 2015 Announcement to Start Remedial Design in OU2:

Current Status

  • NYSDEC will continue to undertake remedial work in certain portions of OU2, as well as OU4 and OU5 (south of the Canal only for OU5), consistent with the Final Statement of Basis through December 31, 2020. FMC will take over the remedy implementation beginning in 2021, to the extent not yet complete.
  • Spring 2020 OU2 Cleanup Announcement (click here)