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Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) Proposal

Download a question and answer sheet about the CAMU.

To accommodate soils removed in Middleport remedial projects beyond 2007, FMC has proposed an expansion of the existing area at the Middleport plant where soils removed in past remedial projects have been placed. The area that FMC will propose to be designated as a Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) is on the eastern side of the plant site.

A CAMU is an engineered land disposal unit authorized under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) at a facility for management of remediation waste generated during environmental cleanups. This unit would be situated above-ground and would be covered and vegetated.

FMC plans to request that the Agencies designate a CAMU on its plant site for permanent management of non-hazardous contaminated soils and debris removed in the course of performing remedial actions on the FMC Middleport plant property and on off-site properties in Middleport.

The CAMU would be located where soils excavated in the past from the Roy-Hart School athletic fields and bleacher area, the residential properties north and west of the FMC plant site, and the drainage ditches along the railroad tracks north of the plant site have been placed. These areas are being managed under plans approved by the Agencies.

Non-hazardous soil and debris generated in the course of remedial projects would be placed in the CAMU. No wastes from current industrial operations at the FMC plant, hazardous wastes, or wastes from any third party will be placed in the CAMU. The CAMU would be limited to 28 ft. in height.

The proposed CAMU location is on the eastern portion of the FMC Facility and would be constructed in two phases: Phase 1 would involve continued use of the ESI Fill Area and Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) Group C Area, and Phase 2 would be new placement of remediation waste south of Phase 1.

Although the CAMU would not be sited within the political boundaries of the Village, FMC has presented and reviewed the proposition and proposed dimensions of the CAMU in meetings with the Middleport MCIG and Village board. Information was also presented at public meetings on April 24 and June 18, 2010 and on June 14, 2011.

The placement and management of soils in the CAMU would be performed in accordance with design plans and procedures that will be approved by Agencies. Prior to approval by the Agencies, the design plans and associated procedures and support documents will be subjected to public comment and review.

Residents are invited to view balloons that marked the proposed height of the CAMU or to take an online virtual tour with FMC’s Brian McGinnis.

Virtual Walking Tour at FMC Middleport

See for yourself and learn more about FMC's proposal to expand its present soil storage area in Middleport with Brian McGinnis, FMC Remediations Project Manager. View the location on the plant site where soil is stored and learn more about the proposed Corrective Action Management Unit, or CAMU, via the podcasts below.

Copies of these podcasts are also available for loan at the Royalton Hartland Community Library.

Brian McGinnis by FMC Good Neighbor sign

Virtual Walking Tour – Visit the Middleport plant site and learn about the proposed CAMU with Brian McGinnis.
Download the Virtual Walking Tour (2MB video).
Download the Virtual Walking Tour (6MB video).

picture of Brian on the present ESI

What's a CAMU?
Download the podcast to learn about what a CAMU is.

photo of soils being excavated from schoolyard

What Would Go In the CAMU?
Download the podcast to learn about what would go in the CAMU.

photo of crew inspecting groundwater wells or site cover

Part of FMC's Long-term Commitment
Download the podcast to learn about FMC's long-term commitment.

photo of Wai at CIG meeting

How the Process Works
Download the podcast to learn about how the process works.