About our logo — The two hands represent Responsible Care. FMC is a member of Responsible Care®, the American Chemistry Council's program that encompasses the safe manufacture, distribution and handling of all chemicals, and provides avenues for open communication with our neighbors about their concerns such as this website and FMC's newsletter, Community Connection.

For more about Responsible Care go to www.responsiblecare.org

The family inside the two hands reminds us that we are members of the Middleport community. FMC has a commitment to our employees, our customers and our neighbors.

FMC Corporation's Agricultural Products Group in Middleport helps growers meet the world's increasing food demands today and tomorrow.

For more about FMC Corporation go to www.fmc.com.

A Reliable Neighbor

We encourage our neighbors to learn more about our plant. Many community groups and near-neighbors have toured or have had presentations about our plant and onsite water treatment facility. Tours of Middleport's Mixing and Packaging operation can be arranged by calling (716) 735-9769.

FMC is committed to Responsible Care and its principles of:

  • Community awareness and emergency response
  • Pollution prevention
  • Process safety
  • Employee health and safety
  • Product Stewardship

In Middleport, we have put these principles to work in support of an open relationship with the community and as a good neighbor.

The Middleport plant has achieved ISO 9002 certification, which signifies adherence to stringent international standards for quality control throughout all plant operations.